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Connect your team and tools in an immersive experience. Remove communication challenges, fragmented tools and have fun while bringing your teams together around common mission and goals.

Event in Tangra
Let's Celebrate the Women's Entrepreneurship Day (WED) Together!

Get Inspired by and Support Female Entrepreneurs
Learn about Web3, Metaverse, Crypto, NFT, Blockchain
Experience the Metaverse and Have Fun at the Dance Party
*WED is Celebrated in 144 Countries and at the United Nations

11/18/2022 at 3pm EST
Virtual in the TANGRA Metaverse

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Tangra is your virtual space for work & meetings, events & conferences, showcasing art, photos, or NFTs.

In Tangra your teams and guests will:
  • Seamlessly connect, collaborate, and brainstorm ideas
  • Host outstanding demos and presentations
  • Have engaging meetings and discussions
  • Learn, reskill or upskill in an immersive manner
  • Be much more efficient and productive
  • Innovate and leapfrog into the future
  • Enjoy a safe & secure 3D space
  • Feel more creative and have a ton of fun

Tangra Offers

  • Virtual workspaces for teams to meet, collaborate, brainstorm, learn, and have fun.
  • Digital assistants to greet and help your guests, schedule meetings, respond to requests and so much more.
Tangra Reception
Tangra Guestbook
Tangra Calendly
  • Interactive screens and objects throughout the space for seamless work.
  • Immersive and engaging experiences for your customers, employees, or volunteers.
  • More work done with less effort.
  • Integrations with external data sources.
  • Stock and crypto monitoring and alerts.
  • Media and social media feeds.
Tangra Finance Office

Learn how to set up your own uniquely branded Virtual Workspace for the digital-first era to increase your organization's productivity, while inspiring and empowering your team.

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