Kiora - Front Desk Assistant / Receptionist / Office Assistant

“Kia ora” is a common phrase in Maori culture, acting as both a greeting and a sendoff. Whether it be a friendly “hello” or showing product demos, Kiora aims to set a warm and friendly first impression for anyone who walks through your virtual doors. And for those looking to venture further, she’s always willing to help schedule meetings, and offer directions to other rooms. Kiora takes pride in making people’s days just a little brighter, and that light is something she intends to share as widely as possible.

Kiora is a:
  • Voice-enabled assistant to greet your guests and point them in the right direction.
  • Scheduling assistant to help visitors schedule meetings with you or your team, e.g. via Calendly.
  • Demo assistant to play a demo or share details about your offering like price, discounts, etc.
  • Signup and feedback assistant to collect comments and improvement ideas from your guests.


Alexis - Onboarding Professional / Training Assistant / Employee Care Specialist

Alexis is named after a Greek term for “defender of the people.” It’s a title she’s taken to heart, as she collects data on the wellbeing and satisfaction of employees. She also acts as a figurehead for onboarding and training of new hires, sending assignments and daily result reports to whoever needs them. And whenever you need someone to do an exit interview, Alexis is happy to fill that role, taking great interest in every word they have to say.

Alexis does:
  • Onboarding of new employees - sends them the ‘paperwork’ to fill in and sign, then checks on the status and sends reminders (email, text) when necessary.
  • Notifies employees of a mandatory training and sends them the details like date & time, URL, expectations, etc.
  • Sends daily reports to the People Officer about the status of the training courses.
  • Performs employees’ well-being or exit interviews.


Tyche - Financial Assistant / Financial Advisor / Stocks or Crypto Assistant

Tyche is named after a Greek goddess of fortune and fate. Where she goes, those blessings are sure to follow. And with her advice, you can become the master of your own destiny. Tyche always has an eye on stocks and cryptos – she can display as much or as little information as you want, can alert you to major price shifts, and can dig up extra data if need be. Tyche is driven to success, and will do anything in her power to help you both prosper.

Tyche can:
  • Display many stocks/cryptos side by side for a quick glance at the trends.
  • Show you any stocks/cryptos you are interested in (from a predefined list).
  • Perform some common searches like ‘best stocks under $10.’
  • Link the stocks/cryptos to your exchange platform for a more detailed view, analysis, or trade.
  • Send you an email or a text message when the price or an indicator goes beyond a predefined threshold.

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